Made By Odd

Over the last 20 years the ability and inclination to manufacture garments in this country has declined. This is due to many factors, one of which is that the range of garments that can now be supplied “off the shelf” is immense.

But some things simply can’t be bought from suppliers.

The humble brown cotton t shirt that was the staple undershirt for many years, for wear under DPCU’s was not a colour readily available from any supplier. We started making our own to have a compatible t shirt to print on for military use and then also started making a 100% polyester t shirt in the same colour. Over the last 18 years we estimate that we have made well over 70,000 issue brown cotton and microfibre t shirts alone. Just about all of them we have printed and provided to military units in Australia and overseas. The bulk of them Army.

Times change.

With the phase in of the new AMCU the preferred coloured undershirt has become olive. To ensure our continued compatibility for printed t shirts we now manufacture an olive tri blend t shirt which is a match for the issued cotton version. The tri blend fabric offers advantages over the cotton equivalent. It is a lighter weight fabric at 140gsm. It is a blend of 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% viscose. With it’s polyester content it will hold it’s shape better over prolonged use and the viscose content which is also often labelled as rayon, gives it additional softness.